jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011


By Fernando J. Milanés MD

Libya’s dictator Muammar Gaddafi is slowly recouping the cities occupied by his opponents, and killing his country’s population. After weeks without actual actions, other than words like “we are tightening the noose around his neck”, our government has decided to ask permission to the UN for military intervention. Mind you that this is the same organization that had Libya, Cuba, China and Russia, among other tyrannical regimes, serving in its Civil Rights Council.

Breaking prior precedent, the U.S. accepted membership in the council, following this administration’s foreign policy geared to admitting to the world our sins, in an attempt to gain support from others. This latest, and in all likelihood futile endeavor, is another demonstration that our present leaders aim to abdicate our prior role as world leader in order to become part of an utopist world consensus.

U.N., and other world organizations are famous for demonstrating their lack of capability to resolve major conflicts, and it will be no different in this occasion. Our world needs leadership, and the question is; if not us, who?

Miami, FL., USA

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